You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

Bobcat Goldthwait makes it weird!

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Alison Becker (Collegehumor BADMAD videos! VH1! Parks and Rec!) is a hilarious delight of a gal to gab with. She and Pete have been friends for years and this podcast is evidence of how much fun they have when they're together. Thoughtful, funny, talented, lovely! ALISON BECKER, EVERYONE! Enjoy you weirdos!

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Aziz Ansari makes it weird!

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Happy New Year, weirdos! We are back with the hilarious and thoughtful Joe Hartzler (comedy! improv! THANKSKILLING 3!), fresh off a week of shooting a series of commercials with Pete, Pete wanted to record an ep with one of the funniest guys he's worked with ever and this is the result. GET INTO IT and a crispy 2013 to you all!

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Matt Braunger (Chicago! Comedy! Letterman! CD Shovel Fighter!) is a sweetheart, a noble drunk and a hilarious storm of a man. This one is weird, wonderful, so many bits riffed, so many sweetnesses shared. Just listen to two friends goofin, just in time for the holidays. MERRY CRISPMAS WEIRDOS!!!

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Mike Birbiglia finally makes it weird. I mean, what else do you need?

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Ian Karmel (comedy! portland! @iankarmel!) is a ball of light, love and laughter and is a joy to behold. Pete was so glad to work with Ian, who opens regularly for Kyle Kinane (chic-ago!) and is a staple of the blossoming Portland comedy scene. Pete and Ian got to combine their joy forces at Pete's hotel in Portland and this is the wonderful result. Please enjoy, weirdos!

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Jon Dore (comedy! Canada! scare tactics! U.S.A.!) is a gentleman and a delight. A long anticipated weirdo chat that doesn't disappoint. In fact, it's kinda the best. Enjoy you weirdos!

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Holy cow! What a shit storm of delights. TJ MILLER! DOUG BENSON! MOSHE KASHER! KYLE KINANE! ALEX KOLL! Live, back in San Fran for just an incredible night with friends. Seriously one of the best weekends we've had, ever, and this is a little slice of it for you to enjoy. GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!

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Ari Shaffir (Skeptic Tank podcast! Comedy! Revenge For The Holocaust CD!) is a wonderful and interesting, insightful guest and a super fun and long-anticipated trip. PLEASE ENJOY YOU WEIRDOS. Pete did. Now you?

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